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Q. I’ve looked at the unit what’s the next step?

A. After you have seen the unit and would like to move forward you will need to apply through the website. I will contact you once I get your application and we will move forward with the process.

Q. How is the last months rent used?

A. The last months rent will cover the partial months at the beginning and end of your lease. If the last month of your lease is a full month then it will cover the entire last month. This way there will be no prorated payments, you will make 12 full payments for a 12 month lease.

Q. What are the rental requirements that I should know before I apply?

A. The 1st way you can qualify is a 650 + credit score and a no more than 33% debt to income ratio. The 2nd way is to get a co-signer and use their credit and income. Co-signers will fill out the same application as the applicant. The 3rd way is to make a financial backing payment that will be credited toward the end of the lease. Financial backing payments are equal to 1 months rent and are in addition to the last months rent and deposit. Each tenant on the lease will need to be financially backed using one of these methods.

Q. How does the financial backing payment work?

A. The financial backing payment will equal 1 full months rent payment per tenant that decides to use this method of financial backing, and will be credited toward the end of the lease. This payment is in addition to the last months rent payment.

Q. Does my cosigner need to fill out an application?

A. Yes, I need an application from the tenant and the cosigner. I will only need one application fee per tenant. Cosigners do not need to pay a separate fee.

Q. Can each roommate write a check for our portion of the rent?

A. No, each payment has to be made in full with one check, money order, cashiers check, or online payment.

Q. When is the Rent due?

A. The Rent is due on the 1st regardless of your move-in/lease start date.

Q. Am I responsible for replacing my light bulbs?

A. Yes, we will change them if they burn out within the first 30 days. But after that they are your responsibility.

Q. Do I put the utilities in my name or do I pay my landlord?

A. You will need to call the utility company and put all utilities that apply to your unit in your name. The utility company will bill you directly. Utilities must be in your name from the start of the lease to the end of the lease.

Q. Where do I get the keys to my mailbox?

A. All locked mailboxes are government property and you will need to go to the post office to get your keys.

Q. Can I park on the street with the parking permit that was issued by my landlord?

A. No, you will need to obtain a City of Laramie parking permit to park on the street if your area is permit parking.

Q. Can I have more roommates than the number of bedrooms?

A. Yes, but there is an additional charge for extra tenants.

Please read your lease carefully and fully understand it to avoid costly mistakes.