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Maintenance Request

Please log into your tenant portal for common maintenance requests. If you do not have a portal please click the “Get Started” button.

Maintenance FAQs

Q: Is light bulb replacement the tenant’s responsibility?

A: Yes. The only exception is if a bulb burns out within the first 30 days of a lease. If bulbs are missing or burned out when you check out you will be charged.

Q: I had to leave a message for my maintenance request.

A: Please log directly into your tenant portal to make a fast & convenient request.

Q: My toilet won’t flush. What should I do?

A:  It is usually an issue in the tank however, if it continues please log into your portal to make a request.

Q: My toilet is almost overflowing.

A: If you have a plunger, give it a try; if that doesn’t work please make a request directly through your portal. If it is getting water on the floor, call the emergency number.

Q: The laundry machine ate my quarters and didn’t start.

A: Make a request in your tenant portal to report the issue and stop by the office for a refund.

Q: My light burned out and I can’t get to the bulb.

A: If the light fixture has a screw cap in the middle, loosen the cap to access the bulbs. If the fixture is a dome with no screw, the dome will rotate to the left to remove. If it seems stuck or you have problems, login into your tenant portal to submit a request.

Q: My garbage disposal doesn’t work.

A: Check for obstructions. If it doesn’t spin it’s usually something stuck. If it’s not obvious, submit a request in your portal.

Q: Sink/bath/shower drains slowly.

A: Usually caused by food or hair accumulating in pipes. Try a plunger if you have one. Drano or something similar will usually help too. Report the problem in your tenant portal if it still is slow.

Q: Electricity out in part of the apartment.

A: Check the circuit breakers. If a breaker is tripped, turn it all the way off, then on to reset. If that doesn’t work, please log directly into your tenant portal to report the problem.

Q: Someone is parked in my spot.

A: Call A-1 towing @ 307-755-1340.

Q: My sink is dripping.

A: Usually the valve seats are worn. Submit a request in your tenant portal to have them replaced.

Q: My hot water is not hot.

A: If you have a gas water heater, check the pilot light, call us if you’re not comfortable lighting it. If you have an electric water heater, check breakers (see above) or call us.

Q: Water is coming through my ceiling/wall/floor.

A: Call the emergency number 307-977-4602 immediately. Water does an incredible amount of damage and has the potential to destroy anything below the leak.

Q: What are the most commonly missed cleaning items tenants are charged for during checkout?

A: Behind the refrigerator, behind the oven, missing lightbulbs, and windows inside and out cleaned.